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We offer unique conditions for cooperation with drivers

With the active development of the service and the expansion of the customer base, ok taxi 2299 leads a limited set of drivers with their cars. We offer!

Driver with his car
  • Working with a phone or tablet based operating system Android.
  • No introductions.
  • Free work schedule.
  • No fee for the program.
  • Different possibility of payment for cooperation: constant payment for the order, percentage of the order, payment of the air, hourly.
Taxi driver on company car
  • High income, free work hours.
  • Flexible taxi rental payment.
  • Repair and maintenance of the car at the expense of the firm with compensation of idle time (repair).
  • No order payment.
The following documents are required to conclude an information services contract:
  • Passport (IDN code).
  • Driving license.
  • Tech. passport for the car
  • Mobile phone or tablet based on Android operating system.
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