To corporative clients
We cooperate with many companies throughout Ukraine

We work closely with large companies and with representatives of small and medium businesses, providing secure transport of persons and property at the agreed time and place of destination throughout Ukraine.

Our benefits:
  • We are a legal person in the general tax system.
  • We offer (daily and round-the-clock) ordering of transportation of workers to the place of work or transportation upon completion of work.
  • Order a car to meet your business partners with business class cars or minivans.
  • Corporate events service order.
  • Cash and non-cash form of payment (at the end of the month after using the services).
  • Reports on all routes.
  • Participation in all our promotions and the introduction of discounts will give you the opportunity to save money.

For all corporate customer service questions, please contact us at 068-360-69-88 – Yuriy.

Take advantage of our services and you will feel the great benefits of using a taxi service to maintain your fleet, pay your driver and repair your car.

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