Tariffs and services
Fast car delivery for every taste and in any area of the city.
Passenger tariffs and services
TariffsLandingCityOut of city
Low cost20 UAH6 UAH/km
Standart22 UAH7 UAH/km12 UAH/км
Comfort32 UAH7 UAH/km12 UAH/km
VIP auto42 UAH8 UAH/km13 UAH/km
Towing40 UAH14 UAH/km24 UAH/km
Estate car42 UAH7,5 UAH/km13 UAH/km
Estate car plus67 UAH7,5 UAH/km13 UAH/km
Additional Services
Product order70 UAH
Product order
out of city
140 UAH
Empty trunk+5 UAH
Courier+30 UAH
DriverTriple tariff
big animals+15 UAH
Air conditioning+15 UAH
Cigarette lighter70 UAH
Baby car seat+30 UAH
Travel to the areas:+15 UAH
Lieznievo from the street Bulaienka, Lieznievo dacha, Country estate Elektronika, Dubovo behind the dams, str. Raskova, str. Shchedrina, Knyzhkivtsi dacha, Ruzhychna from the turn to Rozsosha, Sadyby from the str. Kolhospna, Dehtiarka2(Molodizhnyi  estate), Rakovo str. Pryhorodna, Rakovo landfill, Sauna Ritsa, Houses near the Stavkova str., Houses Chicken Grill opposite Sharovechka
Travel to remote areas:+30 UAH
Ivankivtsi village, Oleshyn village, Vydrovi Doly massif, Lisovi Hrinivtsi village, Starokostiantyniv direction (to Anzhelika), Vinnytsia direction to Davydkivtsi crossroads, Eastern district road, Kamianets direction to the circle, Ternopil direction to Khutyr bar, direction to Hruzevytsia
Buses and minivans
TariffsLandingCityOut of city
Minivan for 5 passengers37 UAH7,5 UAH/km13 UAH/km
Minivan for 6 passengers47 UAH7,5 UAH/km13 UAH/km
Minivan for 7 passengers52 UAH7,5 UAH/km13 UAH/km
Minivan for 8 passengers62 UAH7,5 UAH/km13 UAH/km


Cargo tariffs and services
Weight (tons)Volume (cbm)Length (meters)Car service and work up to 1 hour.For every next 30 minutes1 km outside the city (on the counter)
from 1to 10to 3м200 UAH+100 UAH16,00
from 1 to 2from 10 to 15from 3 to 4м230 UAH+120 UAH18,00
from 2 to 3from 15 to 20from 4 to 6м280 UAH+150 UAH20,00
from 3from 20from 6 м330 UAH+175 UAH26,00


*For 1 km (the cost is determined by the car meter and counted in both directions)


Freight taxi operation from 20:00 to 06:00+50 UAH
Surcharge for travel to remote areas
Heolohiv Str., Ozerna str., Otradnoe, Dekhtiarka, Dyvokrai, Hrechany from Neva fabric, Sadyby, Lieznievo str., Knyzhkivtsi, Rakovo From HZTP Fabric, Ruzhychna, Zavodska str., from Khmelnytskyi Zernoprodukt, from Prospekt Myra To Prybuzka str. (sector behind the Street Trudova), Pershyi Parkovyi, Lisova str.+50 UAH
Country arrays, bystreet Molodizhnyi, Dendropark+70 UAH
Garages, bazaars+50 UAH
Travel to Vydrovi Doly and nearby villages (up to 10 km)City tariff

+ 150 UAH

Garbage removal, towing, cargo “200”The price is negotiable
Pre-order+50 UAH
Refusal to order transport100 UAH


A trip with the client to the place of loading at the rate of a car taxi.
And you can quickly order the car and find out the cost of the trip.