Taxi legends from around the world

9 July 2020

Taxis have been and remain an integral part of the roads of all countries of the world. In some countries, taxis are a comfortable means of transportation for wealthy citizens, in others they are a common and not very expensive means of transport for anyone. London cabins began the history of taxis in the late […]

MTPL insurance policy or for what Avtotsivilka is necessary

1 July 2020
MTPL insurance policy

I rode Matiz, crashed into Bugatti – snot tears and a sold kidney are guaranteed for you! Unless you have an  MTPL insurance policy- compulsory insurance of civil relations). In this case, the kidneys will be with you. Why is it necessary to have an MTPL policy? First of all, in order not to pay […]

Corrugated roof for SUVs. Why do they do it?

16 June 2020

Have you ever noticed that the roof of many (if not most) SUVs have ribs, while the roof of other cars, such as sedans – smooth. Knowing this “feature”, many will wonder: why do engineers even make a corrugated roof. Is it an ordinary design element, or does such a construction also have some practical […]

Checking for fines for traffic violations is easy!

9 June 2020

After the Ministry of Internal Affairs launched a photo-video recording of traffic violations, the question arose, how to monitor the presence of fines now? The new system, on the one hand, strengthens control over racers and daredevils, and on the other hand, it would seem to make it more difficult to track the availability of […]

Now taxis have the right to ride on the public transport lane! New in traffic rules

14 May 2020

The “Government portal” of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine announces the adoption on May 13 of a draft resolution of the Ministry of Infrastructure. What is the essence of the project: taxi drivers are allowed to move in a separate lane for fixed-route vehicles. “By today’s decision, the Government supported the introduction of relevant […]

Get bonuses

7 May 2020

A minimum of unnecessary information – a maximum of functionality! This is exactly the goal set by the Ok.Taxi 2299 service team. ⠀ The modern world is full of various information. Gigabytes pass through our attention every day and clutter perceptions with various numbers, combinations and meanings. ⠀ Significant relief is provided by a convenient […]