MTPL insurance policy or for what Avtotsivilka is necessary
MTPL insurance policy

I rode Matiz, crashed into Bugatti – snot tears and a sold kidney are guaranteed for you! Unless you have an  MTPL insurance policy- compulsory insurance of civil relations). In this case, the kidneys will be with you.

Why is it necessary to have an MTPL policy?

First of all, in order not to pay a fine to a police officer in the amount of 425 to 850 hryvnias. Compulsory car insurance in Ukraine has been in force since 2004. And must be issued to the car no more than 10 days from the date of purchase / re-registration. The absence of a policy is an administrative offense. In the event of an accident, the driver who did not take out insurance will have to reimburse at his own expense the costs incurred by all injured road users. However, they can be fined only immediately after the accident or during the drawing up of a report for violating traffic rules. No one has the right to stop a car for no reason and demand a valid policy.

But not only the fear of the security forces should motivate the registration of MTPL . The policy is necessary for insurance of civil liability of car owners. If you drive into someone in your vehicle – the insurance company will pay for the repair of the damaged car and treatment of its driver. The company will also deal with costs when you break the window of any outlet, enter a fence or other real estate.

However, it should be borne in mind that the presence of MTPL does not imply compensation for the repair of your own car. The same situation with the theft of vehicles. In the people such policy is called “Avtotsivilka” as it covers expenses only of the culprit of accident. In addition, the insurance company will not be able to protect against fines or deprivation of driver’s licenses for creating emergencies. In this case, the perpetrator will have to answer in accordance with the law.

Accordingly, when you drove into your car, the repair is paid by the insurance company of the guilty driver. If both drivers are to blame for the accident, both insurance companies will compensate. That is, MTPL insures the car, and cash. To protect the vehicle from the actions of third parties, man-made and natural disasters, theft or a tree that fell on the roof of your car, you need to take out a Casco insurance policy.

In fact, in the event of an accident, all participants in the event contact their insurance companies. When it becomes clear who is to blame for the tragedy, the insurer assesses the damage and pays the victims for repairs.

MTPL is mandatory for all drivers in Ukraine. But there are exceptions for certain categories of people. They are specified in Article 13 of the Law of Ukraine “On Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance”:

Participants in hostilities;
Affected participants of the Revolution of Dignity;
People with disabilities due to war;
People with disabilities of the I group, who personally drive their vehicles;
People who drive a vehicle belonging to a person with a group I disability in his presence.

If you do not belong to these categories, you are obliged to buy car insurance. 50% benefits under the MTPL are also available to certain categories of citizens.

participants in the war;
people with disabilities 2 groups;
Chernobyl victims of groups 1 and 2;

How much can they pay for what the car insurance company covers?

Unfortunately, the amount of payment is quite limited: for the repair of a damaged vehicle can be no more than 100,000 UAH, and for damage to the health of the injured party – twice as much. Some insurance companies may increase the amount of compensation specified in the contract for a certain surcharge, but not more than twice.

It is also worth noting that when determining the degree of damage will take into account the actual wear of the car (ie the total cost of mileage and year of manufacture). Simply put, the older the car and the greater the mileage, the less will be paid for a broken headlight. It turns out that the funds issued by the insurance company are not always enough. The difference in the amount can be returned to the injured driver through the court of the perpetrator of the accident.

It is not necessary to wait for the arrival of law enforcement officials in the event of an accident: today, each insurance contract is provided with a European protocol, which car owners can fill out on their own. However, there are some limitations:

Only two vehicles are involved in the accident.
The losses were caused exclusively by transport, not by the health of the owner.
Both participants in the event have valid policies, and they themselves have determined who is to blame.

When all the above factors are reached, you can draw up a European protocol and apply to the insurance company for compensation. Thus the driver of the injured car addresses in the insurance company, instead of who is guilty. The maximum amount of payment under the European Protocol is UAH 50,000.

In the event of an accident, be sure to call your insurer immediately after calling the patrol and ambulance (if necessary).

Even before 2019, the cost of MTPL policies in different insurance companies was approximately the same. However, now there are some differences in the formation of the value of the policy. Usually on the websites of insurance companies there are online calculators of the cost of the policy, where the main criteria are:

  • Vehicle type. The larger the engine capacity, the more expensive the insurance.
  • Vehicle registration points. Different settlements have their own calculation factor. The size of the city, number of cars, traffic intensity are taken into account. The higher these parameters – the higher the coefficient and the more expensive the policy. You need to take out insurance at the place of registration of the car ( specified in the certificate of registration of transport and where you received the technical passport).
  • Driving experience. The smaller it is, the more the driver pays.

The validity of the policy.
Number of accidents. For each accident-free year, the driver receives a discount – the so-called bonus-malus. This is usually 5% of the cost of the policy. When concluding a contract for a new car insurance, the insurance company may request data from the previous policy or its photocopy to confirm the accident-free experience. The maximum possible size of the “accident-free” discount is 20%. It is important to understand that the right to provide it or not remains with the insurance company.
Availability of benefits.
Period of use of the vehicle. This parameter is important only for taxis or cars used to transport passengers or goods for profit and which are subject to mandatory technical control.
Presence of a franchise: the cost of a franchise policy will be lower. But keep in mind that the amount of the deductible is the money you have to pay in the event of an accident. All costs in excess of this amount will be covered by the insurance company.

At the taxi service Ok.2299 Khmelnytsky conducted a survey among drivers – who uses which insurance company. We counted about 18 different organizations. It is clear that they choose from different criteria: someone liked the office on the road, someone has been working with a certain insurance company for years, someone is comfortable to draw up MTPL online. We decided to check the ratings of insurance companies that are most in demand. What are their ratings, payments and complaints about them.

OneClick is one of the cheapest and most rated online insurance companies. Respond quickly to situations, adequately assess losses.

VUSO is a popular insurance company not only for motorists but also for travelers. Round-the-clock support, you can choose the amount of additional coverage to MTPL (from UAH 250 to the cost of the insurance policy and the amount of coverage + UAH 100,000)

TAS is a stable insurance company with not the lowest prices, but with an excellent rating. The range of services is the same as for everyone, but they are always connected and normally assess the damage in case of accidents.

There are many services for insurance. Which one to choose is a matter of your taste. The same with insurance – which you like best or fits the cost of services to those and contact. We have listed only those that are in demand among our drivers. But remember – MTPL insurance policy is a must!

Be careful on the road and never need this piece of paper!