Checking for fines for traffic violations is easy!

After the Ministry of Internal Affairs launched a photo-video recording of traffic violations, the question arose, how to monitor the presence of fines now? The new system, on the one hand, strengthens control over racers and daredevils, and on the other hand, it would seem to make it more difficult to track the availability of a receipt for ignoring traffic rules. In the end, Ukrposhta will send a message not to the driver, but to the owner of a particular car, and not at the actual address of residence, but at the legal one, ie at the place of residence. Due to the fact that most people do not live where they are registered, not everyone will be able to receive letters.

That is why the Ministry of Internal Affairs has developed a service that allows you to make sure in a few clicks that there is no fine (version of the resource for PC – The mobile application is already available for download for Android. IOS users will have to wait a bit.

The meaning of the phrase “State in a smartphone” is gradually being realized. App “Traffic fines” – an example. The service helps to quickly find out about the presence of a fine and exempts drivers from paperwork and payment in banks.

Briefly about the functions:

  • search for current vehicle regulations;
  • making a subscription to receive notifications about the status of the resolution and the issuance of new ones for one or more vehicles;
  • payment of fines online;
  • access video capture cards.

It is not only easy, but also profitable to make payment through the service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. If you make a payment within 10 business days, you will receive a 50% discount. The details are automatically tightened during the transaction, and this is another plus: there is no risk of error in the recipient’s data.

For those who do not want to do the application, Telegram has developed a chatbot, which also offers to track “letters of happiness” and pay for them.

We go to the site or download the Android APK, or connect the Telegram-bot. When using the program and the bot, you will have an automatic notification of fines. In the web version, you can check the current data.

To check, you must specify the parameters:

– vehicle number;
– Series and number of the resolution or information about the owner of the vehicle (passport data or driver’s license).

– Service for verification of administrative decisions (fines)

After sending the request you will receive a response with the result.
If there is a fine, the application will not only show information about the amount of the fine, but also provide a photo report and a description of where and what was violated.


We remind you that on June 1, crime detection cameras started working. What does a driver need to know? In just one day of their work, 92 thousand 56 cases of violations were detected. And although the size of fines in Ukraine is not high, before violating the speed limit, it is necessary to think about the consequences for the driver and passengers. Speeding will save you a few minutes at the cost of your own safety.

Checking fines is possible not only in the apps “Traffic fines”. You can also find out whether the police issued a receipt in the driver’s electronic office and in the “Diya”.

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