Window tinting in a taxi

Confidentiality is a very fragile thing. At times when you need to save it, the taxi service Ok2299 will come in handy! We offer a service: toning. This is a completely free option that allows you to hide some details of your personal life.

Car tinting: according to clause 31.4.7 of the Traffic Rules – it is forbidden to operate vehicles on the glass of which additional objects are installed or coatings are applied, which limit the visibility from the driver’s seat and impair his transparency. Thus GOST 5727-88 (section allows application of toning:

windshield – a strip at the top of the glass with a throughput of at least 75%;
side glass – full tinting with a throughput of at least 70%;
rear window – no restrictions.
GOST prohibits the use of mirror tinting for all types of vehicles.

That is why in the taxi Ok2299 you can order a car with tinted front and rear passenger seats. To do this, select the item “Toning” in the Additional services of the application or indicate the need for this service when ordering a taxi number 2299 – the only one for Ukraine.

OkTaxi is guarding your privacy.