Carriage of pets in a taxi

Pets are part of our families. Many have small dogs, cute kittens, voiced parrots. And, as a rule, walking with them is a pleasure. Fresh air, the beauty of nature, relaxation for consciousness.

However, there are times when you need to urgently go to the veterinary clinic, for training, unexpectedly the weather was bad for a walk. In such cases, it is best to order the transportation of animals in a taxi.

Our little pets travel for free, provided that they are in a carrier or box, and in the hands of a passenger. It is necessary to inform the driver in advance that the pet will be with you – put a tick in the additional services or, when ordering by a single taxi number 2299, tell the dispatcher that the pet will be with you. We urge you not to neglect this issue – a taxi driver may be allergic to pets. This fact makes safe taxi driving impossible.

If you need to transfer a large animal, which certainly will not fit in the carrier, then such a service will cost +15 UAH to the tariff. You can choose a separate tariff in the application or by phone – 2299.

We are glad to all our passengers! OkTaxi – the comfort of modern transportation!