The service “Empty trunk” in a taxi

Car luggage carriers are a very strange thing. The backpack gets in there, but no matter how much you put the suitcase, you had to take a cargo taxi. However, not everything is so scary and it is not necessary to pay more for comfort!

The Ok2299 taxi service application has a great additional option – the “empty trunk”. If you want to order a taxi from the railway station, or to the bus station, remember this moment. Taxi driver will not place your luggage in the car. The main reason is dangerous, given traffic rules. All items in the vehicle must be secured with seat belts while driving.

In order not to order a station wagon taxi for only one suitcase, check the “empty trunk” box or inform your manager of the single taxi call number 2299 about your wishes. The service costs 5 UAH. Now you cannot even drink coffee for that kind of money.

OkTaxi – on guard of your safety!