Order a taxi for a specific time – the service “For later”

No car at rush hour? Make sure you arrive on time. Our taxi service offers the option “For Later” – the car will arrive at your appointed day and time.

It seemed that this could happen when you are going to train ?! A pre-planned time to get on the road and even on traffic jams added a dozen minutes. But one day there comes a situation when there is no free taxi in any service. Agree – this is the best option before the road.

Or another case – you need to catch a mega important meeting. At stake is the signing of the contract of the year. And you understand that being late is not just bad taste, but a whole year’s earnings. To avoid unnecessary worries about being late, our service recommends booking the car in advance.

And it’s also very convenient to plan the delivery of the truck in advance. In the repair season, you can wait a long time for a car – in size and carrying capacity. With the option “For later” you will precisely plan your day and the work schedule of the craftsmen involved in the repair.

To do this, click “For Later” when making an order through the application Ok.2299. Choose the right day and time. And don’t worry anymore. Payment can be made by card of any bank – one more question will come out of my head. After all, you know that we can keep our attention on only 3 things at a time. Let these be the most important questions of your life. And comfort and trinkets are our business.

You can also order a car at a single number 2299. The operator will need to say that you need a car for a certain time.