“Sober driver” taxi service in Khmelnytskyi

There are many cases when a driver cannot get behind the wheel. And it’s not just alcohol, as everyone thinks. You feel sick, you take a pill, and it affects the speed of reaction. Of course, you don’t need to get behind the wheel! Use the “Sober Driver” service.

You call a taxi by phone 2299, tell the operator you need a “sober driver” service. Our taxi driver will come to you and replace your car at the wheel. Or in the application ok.2299 select the option “Sober driver” – specify the start and end points of the route and immediately see the cost of the service.

But no matter how much this option costs, remember that sitting behind the wheel of a car puts you in danger not only yourself but also the surrounding people. The speed of reaction behind the wheel is one of the key safety points.

We understand perfectly well that it is psychologically difficult to entrust the driving of a car to a stranger. Therefore, only professionals with respectable driving experience come to you. They are well understood in all brands of cars and types of control. You will be around and in control of the process.

When the driver of OkTaxi gets behind the wheel of your car, you can rest easy, because:
1. This service helps to avoid accidents, save cars, lives and health of all road users.
2. Our specialist will not only take you home, but also drive your car. You won’t have to worry about the vehicle being left unattended somewhere in the parking lot.
3. You will not need to return the next day for the car – it will be waiting for you in the usual parking lot.
4. You will not be liable for drunk driving and will definitely not pay a fine of UAH 10,200.

In order to use the “Sober Driver” service, you need to have car documents and a driver’s license.

And remember: road safety is the responsibility of each of us!
With care, @ oktaxi2299