Multi-points when building a taxi route

How many times did you need to tell the taxi service operator, you go first to point A, then to point B, and end it all with point C. This procedure is called building a difficult route, and for the taxi application Ok2299 – a multi-point.

The principle of building a multi-point in the application is very simple: when choosing the end point of a taxi ride, you can add next address. And then one more and more, and more. Exactly as much as you need! The system will automatically route and calculate the cost. For further ordering, simply click “Order a taxi.” The taxi driver will already know the entire route and will not ask unnecessary questions. Everyone goes with comfort and pleasure.

The multi-point option allows you to save a significant amount of money for a group of friends or workers, order a taxi for transporting personnel. At a minimum, you save on the cost of supplying a car. Use a taxi service without compromising your wallet! Your Ok2299 Taxi Khmelnitskyi