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A minimum of unnecessary information – a maximum of functionality! This is exactly the goal set by the Ok.Taxi 2299 service team.

The modern world is full of various information. Gigabytes pass through our attention every day and clutter perceptions with various numbers, combinations and meanings.

Significant relief is provided by a convenient service that combines a variety of services. We used to have a bunch of subscriber numbers in various taxi services. Of course, for brain training – it is very useful to remember the unique codes of numbers. But in a critical situation, when you need to focus on more important things, the mention of the subscriber’s number is distracting and distracting.

We propose to get rid of all this digital fuss. Our service combines 5 services:
710710 – SV-taxi

Many are subscribers to these services. Now you can combine all these different numbers in a single service Ok.Taxi 2299.

It is convenient to call a car, choose individual parameters and additional services. Flexible system of bonuses and their use. The only bonus account – whether to order by phone 2299, or through the application – bonuses are credited to one phone number. And you can use them in any quantity. You have 3 bonuses – save 3 UAH on the trip!

Subscribers who had accounts for SV-taxi (710710) and 700400 have the opportunity to transfer the accumulated bonuses to service 2299. Just call the operators or in the application Ok.2299, via “feedback”, write your subscriber number with a note – “about “taxi connection 710710” or “taxi connection 700400”.

We improve our service every day for your comfort. And always open to dialogue. Appreciating your time, we take every step with regard to functionality and quality.

Link to the application in the profile header @oktaxi2299

Ok. Taxi 2299 – always on time and in comfort.